If ever you get to illustrate for a company who will use your works for commercial reproduction (like they'll use the illustration you did that were commissioned to them and sell it into different types of products like pillows, etc.) and not get any commission % from it (no profit or anything other than what they will pay you for the art itself) do you think that getting a "sample" product of what they'll produce with your art is fair enough? Or not? Really wanna hear your thoughts on this! :)

It isn’t about fair.

You have conditions set up beforehand with the client. They give you what you have decided on, everything needs to be set up beforehand. In business once you’ve decided on pre-set conditions then that is what it is, if you want a sample you should always ask for it—especially for portfolio purposes.

My question is when you're creating are you doing it with an intention or a goal for it in mind? Like say that it'll be posted on your website? Or that you'll publicize it so that others can see it? Especially clients? Because I've had your problem and (kind of still do) when these goals were in mind for once I was finished with piece. I wasn't truly creating it for myself so I thought I needed to be consistent since others would be looking at it. Which blocked me
No, I never really have a set end place for my work, other than for commissions and paid work.
I just have unfairly high standards for myself. 

dreaming-of-ghosts replied to your post: Also I think the thing that people don…

I’m sorry. My advice was garbage. Good luck on your journey though, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. :)

No no! Your advice was totally valid and fine, I am just a weird outlier of a person that doesn’t work like others.

Also I think the thing that people dont seem to get in my painterly vs. lined illustration style debate is that I have experimented. I have tried both, I have worked with both. If you look a my work it plays to one side of the other very often and is always a hybrid on a varying scale. The issue is not in feeling out which I like better, and it isn’t about doing both. I am a highly anxious, OCPD leaning perfectionist, and the good old “just keep experimenting” doesn’t normally work for me. Everything I do is calculated, and throwing caution to the wind isn’t something I can just do in my work.

My indecision will be solved or it won’t be, there is not real way to navigate it other than personal reflection that will eventually lead to final action.

I finally figured out why I am having an art block—I am unsure how to fill in my figures and objects.

I am torn between painting, shapes, and lines. Once I start filling in sketches I become overwhelmed by the idea. Do I lean more painterly? Or more lined and illustrated? I hope I can overcome this indecision. 

I love your interpretation of Skeleton Jack, but I couldn't find it anywhere :( Is there any way I could find it ? It makes my sad.. Halloween is coming and my desktop looks so empty..

Hi there! I don’t have it posted on Tumblr, but I was planning on whipping up a new version for the Halloween season at some point soon!

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Memento mori 💀🌿

If we ever see someone stealing or copying your work, would you like us to tell you? Your work is lovely and it's a shame for anyone to take credit for it.

Yes, please do.

However, just since we are talking about this subject, I would say please don’t intervene on my behalf. Things can quickly get out of hand if others besides myself go after an “art thief”. I have a process of dealing with it, and would prefer if only myself approached those who heavily copy/steal my work.

Art theft sucks. I had been in contact with many other tumblr artists for advice and critique and one of the artist stole my art, had a showing, and profited off of my work. I contacted this person and the gallery, nothing from the person but finally got something back from the gallery AFTER this artist had a second showing. I think the gallery intentionally waited for the second showing so they can profit off of it and didn't want to tarnish their name. Now, everyone thinks I'm the thief.

It sucks. But as long as you have dated work and others to vouch for you then you have proof that you are in the right. 

Flat out— art theft is never cool.