Your art is so fluid and unique, and a bit dark - it's everything I want my art to be! But my family is adamant that art is just a hobby" so I cant pursue it formally. Is there any tip you can give me so I can improve on my own? Idk where to start :(

Hm. Well my parents didn’t take my art seriously for a long time. Going to art school wasn’t exactly their idea of pursuing a career path that would make my future prosper, so I understand your struggle.

A lot of my understanding about art I did on my own, so don’t fret! My digital painting skills—that is all me, school can’t take credit for that. My interests, my linework, my attraction to shapes within my work…those came with me there, so it sounds like you already know what you want and that is good! But finer aspects of drawing, color theory, and art history that influence what I do and direct my choices were learned at college. I think with enough drive though anyone can learn that on their own. Practice observational drawing as much as you can, try every medium if you manage, and make things you normally wouldn’t. I think that is the key to progress in our work, and the vital aspect art school offers us. With it you can shape what you like and dislike in your art, and bring it back to your medium and subject matter of choice. Put your art online, ask for critiques and find out what others think you can improve on. Critiques are vital to improvement.

Also research art history, all of it. Buy/borrow/rent/download books. Make sure you don’t get too many Euro-centric ones though. The whole world has a history of art, not just Europe, and it is important to discover it all. You will gain so much inspiration, reference, and start to really hone in your taste for how you want to approach your own subject matter. Good luck, you can do it!

Do you know a lot of artists in real life?

Lots! I went to art school after all. I made many friends there who professionally are artists in the field.

In fact I live with one, my roommate is Ona Pitschka who graduated from the PNCA Illustration program like myself. You can find her work on tumblr here and here—she is crazy good.

OMG you're SOOO talented!!!!!Congratulations!!!

Haha, I don’t know what you’re congratulating me about—but I’ll take it! Thank you!

Mar 29, 2014 2:08am
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Lots of new work to come!
"Intrusive Thoughts."
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Mar 15, 2014 2:38pm
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An older print. I carved the design onto a hard lino block. I sadly have no prints of it other than the ones I turned in for class—but at least I scanned this one for posterity.

I love the little custom doodles you do on your envelopes to send out prints--you should make a bunch and turn them into little transparent stickers, it'd be so cute!

I should! 

That is a great idea, I hope people would want to buy them.

I was really sad for a minute there. I was wondering why I haven't gotten any updates on your work from dA, and then saw you'd deactivated. But then I found your art tumblr so now I can sleep happily, knowing your work will soon show up on my dash.

Glad you found me!

Oh man, I've been waiting for my next paycheck to purchase one of your prints on your etsy shop, but I don't see it there (the piece in question is Omnipotence Nurturing Malevolence). Is it sold out? :(((

They did sell out just a few days ago! I’m sorry, I hope to have new pieces printed up sometime soon and put up on my shop.

I would love love love to see "Weary of Wolves" turn up at your Etsy store... <3

It was up a while ago.

Unless any stray prints show up I don’t normally do new runs of prints I’ve already sold. But I should have a few prints of more current work up soon!

I just discovered your art and etsy, and have been wondering if there is any chance you might make some of your other works available for print - such as the recent drawings you posted on here, for example. Additionally, I'd like to ask if you ship to Europe (and at what price)?

I am trying on making a whole new round of prints of more recent work as well as stickers!

I do ship to Europe, the price changes depending on size and weight of the piece and the prices are always listed on my Etsy for each item. Smaller things cost normally $2-3 for me and larger items are around $5-8.