hi sam-- i was wondering, what site did you use to host or pay for your portfolio site? i'm looking for good hosts and your layout is wonderful.

My host is IM Creator!

Hello! Can you give tips on sketching and finding your own style? Also on how beginning to use digital painting as medium? You're work AND style is freakin incredible!

Sketch everyday! And sketch everything, try new styles, try drawing new things—and always draw what frustrates you until you are good at it.

Finding your own style can be tough, but look to artists you admire. Pick up a trick or two from them. Find what you love to draw, find what you love outside of the art world and bring it into your work. And as always—I highly recommend developing a strong skill set in drawing the human figure (and to a lesser extent various animal anatomy) well. I find it much easier to create now that I have a very complete knowledge on how to approach the human body in my art.

Digital art is tough, I think of any medium it is the hardest to teach to others since you can do so much with it. Develop a good set of traditional skills and move from there, again experiment a lot and find what works for you and what doesn’t. Never be afraid to start off small!

Why do you personally think selling prints is never okay for personal commissions? Just wanna know your thoughts more about this! Ahh i admire your works so much!! And you're such a wonderful artist!!

I think selling prints is a-okay. But in the previous question they were asking if it is okay to sell a personal commission (in this case the original) and I what I was saying it is never okay to sell art you’ve done for someone else as a personal commission whether it be in print form or the original without consulting the person who commissioned it.

I love how you answer things! It gives such an advice to the lot of us!

Always happy to help!

Hi Samantha! Just wwondering! If i were commissioned to do something say just a personal piece, it's alright for me to post it on social media sites right? Imm new to all this and i just want to make the right steps. I see a lot of artists posting theirs on instagram and such so i believe its okay. Unless its for a magazine or something?

Normally it is okay, but I always check with the person who commissioned me to see if they are alright with me adding their work to my portfolio or posting it around to promote my work.

Magazines and other more professional commissions often require you wait until posting it. Normally whenever the thing that you drew for is released you can post it freely—you just never want to do it before the company/publication/big time client puts it out the first.

oh no! i meant if someone sold the actual piece not just prints.. isn't that like a rip-off to the artist? it's not by any means legal right?

Ah I see.

None the less I feel exactly as I do about selling prints. The artist needs to ask in advance, and you need to specify what you expect out the transaction. Selling a personal commission to someone other than the person who commissioned it without asking for permission first is not okay.

what would u do if someone personally commissioned u to do something then you later on found out they sold it to another person?

I’d be upset. 

These sorts of things need to be sorted out beforehand by the artist. If you commission someone and they don’t bring this up, you need to.

Personally I believe it is never okay to make prints out of a personal commission.

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