If we ever see someone stealing or copying your work, would you like us to tell you? Your work is lovely and it's a shame for anyone to take credit for it.

Yes, please do.

However, just since we are talking about this subject, I would say please don’t intervene on my behalf. Things can quickly get out of hand if others besides myself go after an “art thief”. I have a process of dealing with it, and would prefer if only myself approached those who heavily copy/steal my work.

Art theft sucks. I had been in contact with many other tumblr artists for advice and critique and one of the artist stole my art, had a showing, and profited off of my work. I contacted this person and the gallery, nothing from the person but finally got something back from the gallery AFTER this artist had a second showing. I think the gallery intentionally waited for the second showing so they can profit off of it and didn't want to tarnish their name. Now, everyone thinks I'm the thief.

It sucks. But as long as you have dated work and others to vouch for you then you have proof that you are in the right. 

Flat out— art theft is never cool. 

Hi :) I saw you answer a question about art theft before. What do you say to people who copy your work (profit or non-profit)? It's happened to me before and I never know what to say to them and end up not saying anything mostly because the few times I have spoken up, I get blocked or abused (on instagram mainly), even when I've been super polite.

It still makes me angry, but I am a natural hot head and let myself cool down for a day before sending them an email. I normally bring up if they noticed how much their work looks like mine (instead of just accusing them), as it can be a sensitive thing to navigate. 

As you said, even when you are very polite, people can often react harshly. They are scared, they’re upset they’ve been found out, and they don’t want negative attention about their work being a rip off—so often people will deny it, or say they were “inspired” by the work (even if it is a total copy). 

So, when dealing with rip offs personally I normally go with the less skilled the reproduction the less I ask of them—if it is a badly drawn sketch of something I’m not going to go postal and bombard them with demands. I normally ask no matter what it is that they take it down and do not use my work to copy (or use as inspiration) again. If they are resistant to that, block me, ect.—I normally take on a bit more of a complicated system to get them to cease and desist. 

Ultimately if all else fails—and the copied work is on a social media site—I report it to said social media site admin and get it removed.

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Beginning of a new piece 🌿🌿

I posted this on my reblog account—you can follow me there, but I don’t think most would enjoy it. Anyways, new work is happening!

What do you do about art theft? Do you let it slide or contact the person who has stolen or copied your work?

I contact them, and depending on if they are profiting off of the theft or not I handle the situation differently.

I never let it slide.

Do you sell prints? I need to get my hand on your work!

I do! 

You can buy my work here! I sell prints and iPhone/Samsung Galaxy cases there, and plan on putting more work up soon.

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Got featured in this issue of Communication Arts Design Annual! Go check it out, I have a two page spread.
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“Confractum Monstrum.”
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That Anything Ghost podcast during a night driving shift was probably a bad idea- do you constantly look over your shoulder after listening to those?

Not really, they can freak me out a little, but I only listen to them during the day when I am working at my coding/design job. I can see why it might be a bit more scary when you are working a night driving shift though!